Latvia – always worth a trip!

Latvia has belonged to the EU since 1 May 2004 and is one of the smallest member countries. The Euro was introduced as its currency on 1 January 2014. The population of about 2 million people in the Baltic Country live in an area that’s a bit smaller than Bavaria.

The moderate climate with pleasantly warm summers and cold winters makes Latvia an attractive travel destination all year round, thus making tourism one of the most important industries.

Country and people


Latvia has around 500 kilometres of Baltic Sea coast, varied and quite scenic. In contrast to kilometres of white sandy beaches, high dunes and steep cliffs, the green interior of the country has a lot of forests, lakes and rivers. Everywhere – e.g. in the largest national part Gauja – visitors will find untouched nature and places to relax and refresh the soul. Three other national parks have natural resources waiting to be explored – whether on foot, by bike or by boat.

Magnificent castles and estates, churches and impressive Art Nouveau buildings, but also huge farms and especially the unique wooden architecture testify of the 1,000-year history. Riga is the capital city, full of life and steeped in history, but definitely worth mentioning would also be the Rundale Castle, the old hanseatic Cesis and the city of Daugavpils with the Dinaburg. Also, the legacy from the past Soviet Union provides insight into times gone by.

For families with small and big children, there are plenty of offers such as adventure and water parks, open-air museums, etc.

The Latvians are very hospitable and open. The country’s culture is characterized by the West as well as the East. Ancestral tradition, folklore and folk music culture are nurtured and lived out – for example, the Midsummer Festival on June 23rd and 24th Jāņi.


Some researchers and legends maintain that the first Christmas tree stood in Riga as early as the year 1510. Today, a traditional Christmas markets lures to old Riga, where you can find things like beautiful products of Latvian craftsmanship.

The living traditions supplement a modern, liberal-minded cultural life – a glance at the event calendar always pays off. Various festivals, from classical music, jazz and pop to rock music – all affordable entertainment.