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Steinwald – experience nature and geology

The Steinwald region, a low mountain range up to 946 m, is situated between the Oberpfälzer and Böhmerwald to the south of the Fichtelgebirge. Although it is the smallest natural park in Bavaria, the region, which is characterized by rock formations and forests, is one of the core areas of the Bavarian-Bohemian Geopark (= geological park).

Over millenia, wind and weather have created impressive formations from the outcropping granite; some of which offer outstanding and picturesque views. Here and in the surrounding diverse forest landscape of moors and glades, lakes and ponds, the rare plant and animal species have become domestic. Even capercaillie cocks, lynxes and wildcats have been observed.

The eastern part of the county of Tirschenreuth includes the leisure region of “Stiftland”. The largest part of it belonged to the “Reichskloster Waldsassen”, founded in the year of 1133. The area around the convent of Waldsassen, which had its properties and lands around Waldsassen and Tirschenreuth, was originally designated as the “Stiftland”. The Stiftland is currently on its way to becoming a world heritage.

The Steinwald is known for its well-developed hiking and cycling trails. The famous “Goldsteig” hiking trail, which offers the hiker a total of 660 km through the Upper Palatinate and the Bavarian Forest to the Dreiflüsse-Stadt Passau, passes through the Steinwald. It’s nature really offers something for everyone: climbing rocks, fishing and swimming in lakes and ponds as well as magnificent views.

There are more than enough beautiful excursions available, such as Thumsenreuth Castle and the elaborately restored Falkenberg Castle or idyllic castle ruins such as “Weissenstein” and the “Klosterstadt Waldsassen” with its Baroque monastery basilica. Due to its history, Steinwald is one of the areas with the most castles in Germany. The region near the Czech border is characterized by a wild-romantic landscape with many lakes and ponds as well as baroque buildings. The landscape has been characterized by over 3,000 ponds for more than 1,000 years.

The diverse geological landscape as well as the more than 1,000-year old history of the regional breeding of carps is presented in two special theme trails. The 18-kilometer long geological trail (between the town of Kemnath, the Armesberg and Waldeck) and the “Karpfenweg” around the historic old town of Kemnath present their themes in an informative and varied manner. The “Karpfenweg” also offers the”Karpfen-Rallye” for younger guests, where tricky tasks have to be solved. The very small guests can play in the game fish and the game ship.

As a culinary highlight you should enjoy a deliciously prepared carp, offered almost everywhere. A fresh beer from one of the local breweries would go well with the dish.
Across the borders, Kemnath is also well-known for its passion play which takes place every 5 years.

The Steinwald ensures a varied, interesting and enjoyable holiday in any season!

Leisure & Fitness

  • Castle Falkenberg
  • Weißenstein castle ruins