Tirschenreuth in the Land of 1,000 Lakes

Tirschenreuth in the northeast of the Upper Palatinate is one of the smallest district towns in Bavaria, a few kilometers away from the German-Czech border. The region is still designated as „Stiftland“ which has belonged to the Cistercian monastery since the Middle Ages. The monastery established an extensive fish farming around the former main town Tirschenreuth.

Out of this the „Tirschenreuther Teichpfanne“ (pond-landscape) was formed, the so-called region among the three towns of Tirschenreuth, Mitterteich and Wiesau with around 3,720 ponds and lakes. In the centre of this region, one pond borders the next one. Large areas of it meanwhile are part of the nature conservation project „Waldnaabaue“.

Even today, fish farming is very common here, mostly as a sideline operation – with 95% carp breeding. The “Erlebniswochen Fisch“, the highlight of every fishing season, attracts visitors from near and far every year in September.

Tirschenreuth also looks back to 150 years of porcelain industry, which ended in 1994. Today, because of its central position in Europe and its good infrastructure, it is the location for a number of international companies, such as the construction machinery industry.

Actively pursued urban development has helped the district town to redesign the city center with a large market square. As part of the preparations for the small „Landesgartenschau“ in 2013, the former town pond was partially restored and the “Fischhofpark” was built with wonderful flower beds and green areas as well as a unique water playground “Fischers Fritz” for the younger visitors.

A variety of attractive offers to the delight of visitors and tourists:

The „MuseumsQuartier“ – with the „Upper Palatinate Fishing Museum“, the old renovated monastery cloister garden and the „Haus am Teich“ with its aquarium landscape – tell of the fish and its farming, local history and porcelain as well as  the most famous personality of the town, the dialect researcher Johann Andreas Schmeller.

No question about it – fishermen are welcome of course! Hikers can choose between ten different walking tours. But also cyclists and mountainbikers can take it to the limit here. Skaters are offered a 750 square-meter skate park as well as indoor and outdoor pools.

Boredom is unknown – and last but not least, the culinary delights will make your heart beat faster. No one should miss the deliciously prepared regional carp and the traditionally well-known Zoigl, a tasty bottom-fermented beer.

Leisure & Fitness

  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Cycling and mountain biking
  • Skating
  • Gliding
  • Cross-country skiing

Culture & Nature

  • MuseumsQuartier
  • Tirschenreuther Teichpfanne
  • Himmelsleiter (situated in the Tirschenreuther Teichpfanne)
  • Observatory
  • Fischhofpark with city pond and historical baroque bridge as well as nature trail
  • Fischhof