Fichtelgebirge General Information

The Fichtelgebirge – An Insider Tip

In the shape of a horseshoe the various mid-range mountains lie in the north-east of Bavaria and range cross-bordering to the Czech Republic. The Nature Park Fichtelgebirge, which is not only geologically impressive, is part of the Bavarian-Bohemian Geopark.

The highest mountain, the Schneeberg, with its 1,053 m a.s.l., rises above the softly hilly and forested region in the western part, the so-called „high Fichtelgebirge“. Its unique nature reserve with granite- block-sea and therock castle “Backöfele” is simply worth seeing. The viewpoint there offers the most beautiful panoramic view over the entire Fichtelgebirge. “Vis à vis” is the 1,023 m high Ochsenkopf, the second highest mountain of the Fichtelgebirge, which attracts visitors to its adventure region all the year round: coasters, mountain bike trails, climbing bards guarantee fun and variety in summer and several ski slopes care for skiing pleasure at the superlative level in winter.

Where mountains are, there usually also is water. In the Fichtelgebirge the rivers Eger, Saxon Saale, White Main and the spring rivers of the Naab have their source – in part they are romantic hiking destinations. Many ponds, which formerly were used for fish farming and water supply, are still preserved today and are popular excursion destinations, which invite you to cool down and to fish in the warm season. Artificial lakes such as the Weißenstädter See and the Fichtelsee offer further varied possibilities for leisure and fitness.

A network of over 3,600 km of hiking trails leads through romantic valleys, along idyllic castle ruins, through high moors and along unique rock formations. Circular walks and theme trails, such as the 180 km long “Jean Paul Weg”, named after the German writer and son of the Fichtelgebirge. For every demand the right offer.

Those who prefer to move forward more quickly and dynamically, can swing on a bike, E-bike or mountain bike. There are different routes for every demand. Numerous bicycle rental and E-bike service stations and a bicycle bus service increase mobility in every respect.

For relaxing, you can find hot springs resorts and sauna worlds, medicinal springs and any other applications to feel good, relax and recover – health tourism has a high priority in the Fichtelgebirge.

Everyone knows that Fichtelgebirge is the heart of the German porcelain industry. Its history is more than two hundred years old. Along the street of porcelain one can learn more aboutthis success story as well as in various museums such as the “Porzellanikon“ in Selb, the state museum of porcelain. And numerous porcelain outlets make white and colorful dreams come true.

The “Feast of the porcelain producers“ ( Fest der Porzelliner), which annually takes place on the first weekend in August with the largest porcelain float market of Europe in Selb, is known across the borders.

Various stages and open air theatres provide a variety of cultural activities. The Luisenburg Festival , very close to Wunsiedel, with its unique natural stage on the edge of the national Geotop “rock labyrinth” attracts many visitors every year in the months of summer.

Last not least – a culinary journey through the Fichtelgebirge leaves nothing to be desired! Various local breweries, fresh fish from species-appropriate breeding such as carp and char, wild meat and special regional specialties are offered in the cozy local restaurants.