Wunsiedel and the Luisenburg-Festival

Surrounded by the nature park Fichtelgebirge, the county seat Wunsiedel is loated in the valley of the river Röslau. The city attracts visitors with its neo-classical old town and more than 30 wells which are lovingly decorated every year on the occasion of the Wunsiedler fountain festival on June 24th. It is the birthplace of the poet Jean Paul, who was born in “the good, light city” in 1763.

Tourism has been important for Wunsiedel since the end of the 19th century. Even at that time, the Luisenburg with its surrounding rock labyrinth was an attraction on the outskirts of the city, and to this day, this largest granite-stone lake in Europe with its gigantic boulders, caves and gorges, attracts the visitors. Those rock formations also form the backdrop for the annual “Luisenburg Festival”, where professional actors perform popular and classical plays in Germany’s oldest open-air theatre.

Since 1984, Wunsiedel has also had a supraregional cultural center, the „Fichtelgebirgshalle“, where theatre performances, concerts, cabarets, musicals and exhibitions enrich the cultural and social life all year round. A true treasure chamber is the „Fichtelgebirgsmuseum“, which is housed in nine buildings around the medieval court of the former spital in the center of the city.

Around the ruins of the Sanctuary of St. Catherine – centrally located – the recreation area Mount St. Catherine was developed, attracting visitors with historic gardens, a deer park, a bird of prey park with falconry and a learning place for the nature-culture of Fichtelgebirge.

Hikers get excited about a variety of hiking and theme trails, where the city can be explored more closely. As the first section of the Nordic Parc Fichtelgebirge, the Nordic Walking Center Luisenburg was opened in 2005.

Provided with attractive shopping facilities and a lively gastronomy, the city offers all the amenities for young and old. Balanced combination possibilities of culture, sport and wellness are guaranteed throughout the year.

Leisure & Fitness

  • Rock labyrinth Luisenburg
  • Citizens Park Katharinenberg
  • Wells
  • Nordic Walking Center Luisenburg


  • Luisenburg Festspiele
  • Fichtelgebirgshalle
  • Fichtelgebirgsmuseum