Selb Fichtelgebirge

Selb – City of Porcelain

Selb is another gem in the middle of the beautiful Fichtelgebirge landscape near to the Czech Republic. The cityscape is dotted with greenery and artistic elements mainly made of porcelain and created by famous artists.

In the middle of the 19th century, Lorenz Hutschenreuther founded the first porcelain factory and gave Selb a new economic future after a devastating city fire. The industrial manufacture of porcelain began and made the “white gold” affordable for everyone. The settlement of further porcelain manufactures followed.

The cityscape of Selb is still characterized by porcelain – a porcelain fountain, a noble street pavement, a wall painting depicting the city’s history, in the form of street signs or a glockenspiel at the town hall. Those who want to delve deeper into the world of porcelain can do so at the Porzellanikon Selb, the state museum of porcelain. The cultural center of the city is the Rosenthal Theatre with numerous high-caliber performances and exhibitions. A “golden thread” leads the visitors along the arts and culture through the city. In addition, there is the “State Vocational Training/School Center for Product Design and Test Technique” in the city, which for many decades was a central training center for the porcelain industry.

In addition to the world-famous china brands Rosenthal and Hutschenreuther, world market leaders in the electronics industry, leading companies in the automotive supply industry and expanding medium-sized companies are now based in Selb.

Every year during the “Weeks of the White Gold”, on the first weekend of August, the “Porcelain Festival” is held with the largest porcelain flea market in Europe. In an outlet center you can buy various porcelain brands all year round – but also other beautiful things. The „ArtNightSelb“, the traditional town fair on the second weekend in July and other festivities and markets make the city an attractive destination for visitors from near and far.

Within the scope of “Fascination of running”, physically active people will find two signposted running routes with different degrees of difficulty. Hiking and biking as well as climbing enthusiasts will get their money’s worth in Selb. Golf courses are located in the vicinity – for example in Hof about 28 km away.

Leisure & Fitness

  • Model- and railway club Selb / Rehau eV with locomotive shed Selb
  • Climbing, hall climbing and bouldering in Selb
  • Running around the Langenteich: “Fascination of running”


  • Rosenthal Theatre
  • Porzellanikon
  • Commercial Sculpture Park Selb
  • Crime scene granite
  • Bridge over the Selbbach and the sculpture “Der Sinnende”